Suddenly run SQL

"MINAMO" The application is for you to try right away, provides a sample database.

From the moment the MINAMO  Download a sample database using SQL can be executed.

Of course, you can create a new database, you can create a table and insert the data yourself.

SQLServer and Oracle-specific function test

Do you know the difference between NVL and NVL2? Then I noticed was, Oracle and SQLServer environment around without, and without 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity to the database, Oracle and SQLServer SQL-specific functions using you can try.

Conversion table for the function here .

MINAMO for iPhone / iPod touch does, Oracle/SQLServer can not connect to.

Looking input table names and column names

"What was the Employees table column name What job?" And so on, will sometimes forget the table and column names. Such time as you type in SQL, you can refer to the table and column names. Also, by tapping a name that is displayed, you can insert the name into the current cursor position.

SQL easy entry

iPhone and iPod touch for character input, or how fast you can type? Some people just do not get hard I changed the input from the mobile, touch'll be entered in line on launch day to buy blind! Some say, SQL statement is hard to type much.

Therefore, "MINAMO", the commonly used SQL command was placed on the keyboard. This SQL should be less time to enter the statement.

Data sheet

INSERT or UPDATE I take care of it what you type. DELETE peace of mind while watching the data even better. "MINAMO" in, SELECT data, insert or update statement on the results extracted, you can delete. The results of some columns in one table, as well as against the combined search results, you can perform data manipulation.

Functions such as columns and columns of subquery, there are some tasks to be done. For details, click here please for more information.

for iOS

"MINAMO iPhone / iPod touch" (for: MINAMO) is, SQL is an application for all developers to use. Metro and cafes can also connect to the database, SQL and try to come up, the iPhone and iPod touch a little test you can do with.

"MINAMO" is now on sale at the AppStore. In addition, some limited functionality, the trial advertising "MINAMO Free" is also distributed free are.(Japan, U.S. and Canada Only)

Provide various functions

Besides I've covered above, offers many features useful for you to use. Save the SQL and extract results and interact with your Mac or PC, simply tap the item you need and can generate SQL.

The "Did you say me about what this button?", Such as worry when suddenly forget how to use it. We offer tour features displays on the spot.

"MINAMO Lite" feature is not available. For details, click here please for more information.

SQL Reference

"SELECT statement is often used but, INSERT and UPDATE statements Hey I'm sometimes forget," Do not you think that. MINAMO provides a visible reference in the offline. During operation the MINAMO  course, Mac or PC with iPhone / iPod touch horizontally placed, and can operate with reference to the reference database.

The reference is only a part. Each turn will add upgrade.

Product Specifications

"MINAMO" and "MINAMO Lite" Common Specifications

- Requirements

5MB or more free space (depending on usage, however, may need more.)

"MINAMO" & “MINAMO Express” Specifications

- Requirements

iPhoneOS 3.1 or later / iOS4.0 after iPhone or iPod touch

Wi-Fi connection environment (used in file management)

"MINAMO Lite" Specifications

- Price: Free

- Requirements

iPhone or iPod touch after iOS4.0.

Advertise on screen - almost all.

For more information on other restrictions - click here please for more information.