"MINAMO" paid in addition to retail, trial, "MINAMO Lite" is distributed free of charge. I'll do something for functional evaluation, the following features are not implemented. Please note.

Run multiple SQL

The retail version is able to perform tasks such as inserting or updating data at a time ";" You can run the SQL to separate. The trial run multiple SQL are processed only the first sentence.

SQL File / Create a file folder extraction results

Location to store and edit SQL, where you store the results extracted to create a folder. The retail version of Mac or PC you can create folders, as it can help you organize your saved files.

Mac / PC file exchange and storage

“MINAMO" the results file created by the extraction Mac / PC and copy, Mac or PC files created by SQL "MINAMO" To be able to use or copy, HTTP server function are available on iTunes and file sharing features in this trial has been omitted.


Functional limitations, but the trial has been most ads on the screen. You can not hide the ads. Tap to enter SQL in SQL during editing are automatically saved when the display when the next start.

MINAMO -“Free” version function limitation