MINAMO -How to use

Datasheet row / column editing restrictions

"MINAMO", the extraction results for various SELECT statements are made to allow data update. "Select * from Table" for a single table SELECT statement as well, "select a.col1, a.col2, b.con3 from tbl1 a inner join tbl2 b using (col)" like a SELECT statement or bond, "select col1 + col2, col3, col4 from tbl1", including such functions like SELECT statement against extraction results, you can insert and update data.

For some results, but add the line or delete, and modify a restriction to prevent the column. Row / Edit limitation is described as follows for the column.

Sequence of functions

Such as AVG or CASE statement, the column with the function of the value can not be updated. In addition, col1 + col2 column against such operators, can not be updated.

Columns subquery tables

In the SELECT FROM clause describing the statement as a table showing "Subquery" column is to update the value. For example,

SELECT a.col1, b.col2 FROM tbl1 a, (SELECT col2 FROM tbl2 WHERE col10> 100) b

If a SQL, col1 for the values can be updated, col2 will be updated for the value.

The same column name

SELECT column name exists in the same clause can not update the value for that column. If you want to join a table and edit the column with the same name, if you can you can specify a different alias for the target column.

Extracted using UNION

Extraction results using UNION SELECT statement to update column values for everything.

Execution of SQL

Extraction (SELECT) statement of limitation

SELECT statement iPhone / iPod touch to reduce the impact of multiple SELECT statement is executed only the first one, even if the sentence is entered. DDL and DML with a SELECT statement if it was entered, the first DML / DDL for all runs, and if they are finally successful SELECT statement is executed.

Multiple DML / DDL execution

Multiple DML and DDL assumption has been designed to be run, a lot of DML / DDL has been run if, iPhone / iPod touch may significantly reduce processing. More than once DML / DDL if you run, please be careful.

Commit time

When you run the SQL will auto-commit mode. Multiple DML / DDL, run SQL errors along the way even if there were to run SQL statements that will be committed.

Extraction of multiple-table "*" Using

For example, "SELECT * FROM tbl1, tbl2", such as multiple columns of the table, "*" When extracted, the extraction result for every column, the value can not be renewed.

Using databases

"MINAMO" in, SQLite3.6 we are using SQL database and run operations. File management database files when you upload iPhone or iPod touch is, SQLite3.6 files created in or SQLite3.6 Please upload a database file that can be handled by.