Product Specifications

  1. -Requirements

iPhone or iPod touch after iOS4.

5MB or more free space (depending on usage, however, may need more.)


Spend the day in Vision!

Let's not forget what you want every day.

First thing I know, Did you trying to do yesterday, still can not find that.And iPhone / iPod touch to such everyday "Vision!" Let's change on.When you find what you want, "Vision!" With a record that came up.When you suddenly remember "Vision!" Start, the record "what you want," overlooking.And every day we tend to forget just to rid it will surely be able to spend their days in the Vision.

Record the target.

You think that you want, in the lower left "+" to tap, what you want "objective" as we recorded.The goal is that you can use it over and over again "repeatedly target" can also be.For example, "Every day, water the flowers," If there is a goal, so I also aim to re-record every other day repeat Once you have goals, can be very easy to record .

"Goal" is followed by "subject"

"Held an event to a friend's birthday." And the goal stood. However, dates are open to listen to their friends, the event can not be done. In addition, in order to enliven the event, invite your friends or others must or choose a gift.

Thus, one goal is to have a lot of hidden subjects. Record lots of challenges, to ensure there are no loose end.

"Beano" together with the goal to achieve!

Listed "what you want" to take off just in, it's very boring. "Vision!" The green was the "Beano" has live, so you are happy every time to end the problem, let's together to end the subjects.

Also increase the target every time, the more magical fairies. Rapidly increasing the target to increase the company's Let Beano.

However, the end goal is the deadline, that fairy. . . To prevent this, let's finish on time goals.