Frustrated with people everyday computing.

Normally, when you are using a computer, frustrated that for? "Calculated to see the progress," "want to fix mistakes in calculations," "watch list stored in memory," I never thought I like? "transCalculator" all problems can be solved in such. iPhone / iPod touch Calculator was created to be used in "transCalculator", and clearly more convenient to let the calculation of daily life.

Change the order of calculation

+ And × calculator could calculate that if it turned out wrong for? + And × operators such as the order is calculated, the calculator will normally be calculated in the order they are entered. Therefore, do not change the order of calculation, the calculator will not be required to correct results. But "transCalculator" in order to calculate the normal calculator does just as well because it can be calculated according to the calculation order of the operators no longer can get incorrect results.

Product Specifications

  1. -Requirements

iPhone or iPod touch after iOS4.

5MB or more free space (depending on usage, however, may need more.)

To calculate the daily life more convenient.

calculated using the brackets

And calculated taking into account the priority of operators may be tempted to use brackets calculations.

transCalculator can be calculated using the brackets of course.

transCalculator passage appears only once in the calculation in brackets.

Also in brackets Calculate course surrounded by "Group expressions" treated as,

or repetition many times you can save.

Later review what was calculated

If you want to see what was later calculated for? In calculating what numbers and operators only, but will not know what the hell were you when you look at what calculations later. Even if such "transCalculator" the active. You can also leave a note with the name and line by line, to save all the contents of every calculation, you can review later.

Correct number in the calculation

On the way to calculate it again, realize that you re-calculate the wrong result for? "transCalculator" appears in every single line in the input line can be edited in before the calculation, it should've in the middle, can be corrected.

Programmers also "transCalculator"

"transCalculator" is for the programmers, binary, octal, and hexadecimal calculations in 16, AND, and XOR operations are now possible and logical. Programmer also has a variety of ideas have been. Base changes and line by line, you can change the decimal value of the input values and results among the rows. Almost the same basic functionality for programmer can, of course, ready to use. Calculated according to the order ※operator can not be calculated.